Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tighter Please

I have been blessed with the body of a 12 year old Irish boy, that is to say, I am curve-less. I have recently taken up corset training with the intent of tight lacing sometime in the future. It's new to me but I own quite a few steel boned corsets, and I am always trying to find more.

It's hard to pair a daily wear corset with an outfit sometime, so I was super excited to receive the Cleopatra corset from Corset Story. It has strong bones and a great fit, and sort of has a cool rockabilly flair which makes it ideal for wearing out.
I have been able to wear this for several hours and it pairs well with most of my skirts, making a nice complete cinched outfit. I am hoping I can reduce a few inches in the waist by next year and someday have an hourglass - esque silhouette.

Full wardrobe credits at bottom.

Black sheer blouse: thrifted at Urban Eccentric
Corset: Corset Story
Skirt: Elle Heavin
Shoes: Pleaser USA

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Close Shave

One of the fabulous things about living in a small town, is that you know all the small town people. If you are an extrovert like myself that means you know a lot of business owners too and you are not above asking favors of them. This happens to be true of Moe's Barber Shop in Vancouver. I asked Carrie, the owner to let me recreate a pin-up cartoon I came across and with the help of photographer Jeff Mawer we made the cartoon come to life. Toma was my co-super-model of the day, and I think he pulled off the perverted barber look quite well.

Here is the original image I found for reference and inspiration of this shoot.

I am so happy this photo shoot came together so well, and I am thankful for everyone who helped pull this off!

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Sour Parts

Recently I worked with Sourpuss Clothing to produce a shoot along side my daughter wearing a newly release set of items. We got to strut our stuff on the river side in the Bee Mine dresses for both Mama and daughter. Margaux is quite the diva and was incredibly hard to shoot... but all her unrealistic demands aside we managed to capture a few great shots that I truly treasure.

It's been hot as Hades here and these pinafore style dresses are super lightweight material so they have quickly become go to staples in our summer wardrobe. But honestly my main obsession lies in the cute little bumble bee cardigan that pairs with the dress.  The little bows at the cuff??? Are you kidding me with this cuteness! Margaux loves the sweater too, but she is going through a princess phase at the moment and only wears dresses and proclaimed to me "Mom! Im a rockabilly princess!" Ha!
The whole thing reminds me of the mid-50s Family Circle magazines, where the fashion ads always featured a mother in a fabulous dress with her daughter donning matching threads. I think its a trend that would be lovely to revive!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Under a Bridge

I recently had the extreme pleasure of shoot with a local photographer who goes by MediaKAB, and whilst doing so I got to wear one of my accidental favorite dresses. I bought this dress to sell in my etsy shop, but when I washed it ... magically, half of it shrunk? So I kept it as it was un-sellable, and it became one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. It's a simple cotton 1950s dress in my favorite color scheme, and I love it. I am so happy I got to shoot photos in it!

Friday, June 7, 2013

High Up a Tree

Once in a while Toma decides he wants to take some pictures, and once in a while they are something I can also use here on the blog. One of our more recent shoots involved one of my newest acquisitions; A lovely but worn out 1930s dress. I am not usually one to wear frocks that old, but I like the summery feel off this swiss dot dress. I am not sure why, but these shots remind me of a summer during the great depression. Also, I just really love climbing trees.

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